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So its around that time again! MJJ Legion is looking to expand their team and increase the traffic throughout the site! I’ve searched for team members a number of times over the years, so I’m comfortable with saying that I’m looking for a specific type of person! If you’re not willing to keep a line of communication open with me for at least once a month, then there’s no need to contact.

What we are looking for:

  • Moderators

These members are directly under the admins and their responsibility is to monitor posts being made on the forum and throughout the blog posts. They have the privilege to delete and edit posts and give warnings to members violating the rules of this site. Also will look closely at the site wide activity stream to monitor any illegal or strange activity that violates our rules.

  • Social Media Promoters

We do have a great following on social media! With this slot, your responsibility would be to promote the site within the grounds of social media. (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) Only post updates concerning the website and activity of MJJ Legion.

  • Member Recruiter

This title is simply what it says, this position is to recruit members to the site and encourage them to join and make our activity levels grow and expand.  With each member you recruit there are based member points to be added to your profile which could be profitable in the near future.

If you’ve read all of the positions and are still interested in joining our team, please fill out this short form and send it to the admins in our contact us section:


Desired Position:

How many hours a week could you dedicate to maintaining your website:

What qualities do you have that are differential from other candidates:


MJJ Legion
MJJ Legion

Fan Fiction Spotlight: Series VIII

Congratulations to -OFFtheWall-,


Your story Can You Handle It? is currently in the Fan Fiction Spotlight!

-OFFtheWall- are you ready for a little Q&A Time?!

contact us here: admn.mjjlegion@gmail.com

**Side Note

We will no longer participate in the polling option on this website. Sadly I believe that the polling option can be flawed for voting purposes, specifically when it comes to voting for a story pinned against others. A couple weeks ago admins and also members noticed how drastically the poll votes were jumping out of control. To solve this problem I placed a disclaimer and even reset the polls. This didn’t seem to solve that issue– considering that the number of total votes, versus the number of current active members do not match; I will consider the voting option flawed. I simply say that because the number of total votes compared to the number of active members currently on this site (within 30 days) is far less.

The voting was not a random pick. We have four admins for this site and out of those four, two picked a story solely based on the factors below:

Active Membership: 0/50

Visuals/Graphic Design: 0/30

Story Updates: 0/10

Story Index/Accessible Links: 0/5

Reviews: 0/5


We may continue to use this grading rubric in the future along with other ways to bring you guys the best results.


MJJ Legion

Early this morning, going into late this evening I’ve been locking and disabling accounts on this website. Within that period of time, I’ve gotten a few emails regarding the accounts that have been affected  by this. I’m not sure if you guys know this but a month ago I made a post about activity on this site. I clearly stated that non activity would result in locked and deleted accounts. I’ve said it before and I will post it now– if no one reviews, then no one posts, if no one posts this site is dead.

There have been a few kind authors that decided to participate in posting their stories online, to only receive scarce, if not zero feedback for their work posted. To be honest, that can be a little discouraging for a author. I’ve made several attempts to help with the reviews issue: I’ve made a points balance system, a rewards program, and even electronic gifts. There’s only so much a owner can do to help with that. We’re not asking to review if you don’t feel the urge to. We have other sections of this site that require activity such as : Category Groups, The Help Center + more (Browse the Site Map)

So from this point forward, accounts that have not been active within 30 days or more will be locked, if the issue is not resolved within a reasonable time frame after that then it will result in account deletion. If a great amount of users are deleted after this post date, then the site will be shut down.

Excerpt taken from 1.) The Site Rules Page , 2.) The New User Confirmation Emails

We are now requesting that each new member agree to an added review rule, which entails at least 5 reviews within 30 days of being a member. If that rule is broken or not followed, there could be a chance of accounts being locked, or account deletion. The authors work very hard on their stories, and if positive feedback isn’t noticed, then eventually they will no longer be willing to post. We hope all current and new members understand this very important rule to save the site and it’s vitality.

** If your account has been locked, and you would like it unlocked please email admn.mjjlegion@gmail.com



When: October 2, 2016

Where: www.mjjpassion.com/chatzone

Time: 8 P.M est **

** Check here for for time conversion http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

MJJ Legion


Featured Fan Fiction- Voting Now Open

There has been a new poll placed on our right sidebar for you guys to vote for our next Fiction Spotlight winner!! It’s around that time again to pick our next featured fan fiction! Since the polling option seems to be a popular way to collect votes, I will include the same feature. There’s been a few new stories posted online within the last few weeks, and they’re pretty good! So vote below in the poll for your favorite fiction! The polls will remain open until November 1, 2016!

…and the nominees are

  1. Can You Handle It? by -OFFtheWall-
  2. Will You Be There Now by hold my hand
  3. No Matter What by BeatIt777
  4. Foolish by MichaelBeMine

Nominations were not chosen at random. We simply picked by, how often the story is updated, reviews, graphics, and organized story index. If you got nominated for the poll selection congratulations!

Please Donate To MJJLegion

I never thought I would place a donation button on this site. MJJL has been online for over 2 years (in different forms) and I never really needed help with it. As some of you guys know, the site went offline several days ago. Within that 24 hour offline period, I received over a dozen emails and Facebook Messages from members. Sadly the time has come when I can no longer handle the website fees alone without assistance. I would like all of you guys to thank @dirtydiana for getting the website back online, because I was not able to do it alone.

Things I Will Not Do

  1. Ask you to donate a huge amount of money to keep the site online. (see the cost to keep the site online below)
  2. Make multiple posts about the donation button. I’ve asked you guys once, so I would hope that you like the site enough to chip in if you can.
  3. Give you MJ merchandise/Downloaded Music or Videos in trade for your donation. (that’s called piracy you guys lol)

Things I Will Do

  1. Add a donation badge to your profile, you will stick out as a special member.
  2. Give you access to one free product once we open our MJJL Store (coming soon guys)
  3. Give your fiction a shout out on social media (we have over 3,000 followers combined)

Maintenance Site Costs:

Monthly Space Fee: $20.00/monthly

Domain Renewal: $15.00/annually

There’s also going to be a new membership function coming soon! If you guys could give me some input in the comments section, and let me know what you would like to see as far as member perks go. Every opinion counts to me!


MJJ Legion

MJJ Legion

Member Ranks coincide with earning member points. The more points you earn, the higher your ranking improves. You can view the user ranks by clicking on the navigation menu above: Members<Member Ranks or click this link here.

** your user rank shows below each comment you make, and in your profile page under your name. @songgroove I hope you don’t mind me using your profile for example, I really like your profile header!

Here’s a brief break down of all the user ranks (in order from highest to zero).

  • For All Time Elite 2000 – beyond
  • Blue Gangsta Ultimate Member 1501 – 2000
  • You Give Me Butterflies Member 1001 – 1500
  • 2 Bad Diamond Member 801 – 1000
  • Dangerous Platinum II 701 – 800
  • Smooth Criminal Platinum I 601 – 700
  • P.Y.T Gold II 451 – 600
  • Baby Be Mine Gold I 301 – 450
  • Burn This Disco Out Silver 151 – 300
  • Blame It On The Boogie Bronze 101 – 150
  • Rockin’ Robin Newbie 0 – 100
MJJ Legion

Hello everyone,

As you may already know, we’re back online! There has been a few login issues, and email differences but I’m here to assure you that I’m taking every step to make sure you have online access! I sent out a quick email letting you know that all accounts have been transferred over by the wonderful DirtyDiana and emails are being updated for the next couple days. If you didn’t receive my email:

If you’re trying to change your email and it will not let you, please reply to this email with your username, and what you would like for your email to be! I’m sure it’s letting you change your passwords, so that option should be fine!

So send me


Your Email:

and I will change it asap!!!


I will be updating registered accounts, but I’ll need you guys to let me know what email you would like linked to your username so we can get this ball rolling. I will be posting more information about the new site soon!

Hope you guys have fun.

MJJ Legion

Today I had to put a pause on public registration for future members. The reason for that decision, is spam reviews on multiple stories on this site. I know that it can be very stressful for members to receive notification of a new review, only to find out it’s a fake review from a robot [bot user]. Over time, I’ve deleted these fake reviews on several occasions but unfortunately I do not have the proper time to reply to each spam review. To prevent these fake reviews in the future, I will weed out fake accounts and require new visitors to register through contacting one of the admins. You can read the instructions above, or take the following steps to register your new account.

Register Today!

How To Register

Please email the following email address with the information below – admn.mjjlegion@gmail.com

Email Title: New Member Request

Copy & Paste The Following Information Below

Desired Username/Penname:

Temporary Password:

Email Associated With Account:

If your request hasn’t recieved a reply within 24 hours, please email admin@mjjpassion.com

Contact Us

MJJ Legion

Fanfiction Spotlight Series VII

Honoring “Lurking In The Dark” by DareToDream

As you guys may already know, we’re honoring DareToDream for our current spotlight series! Today I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with her for awhile, and she let my inside to get to know a little more about her story Lurking In The Dark + more! DareToDream is a very pleasant, and very wonderful author! We agreed on quite a few topics, but my favorite pointer was; that interaction is a major key to success when doing this! Thanks so much for allowing me to interview you today!

I will post a small section that was my favorite portion of our discussion, but to read more please go to the link here: http://mjj-legion.com/viewstory.php?sid=53&chapter=7

Moni : Just like your story, quite a few other stories are very popular on several different fiction sites online. But sometimes I find those hidden gems stashed away never to be found again. Why do you think that other well written books just don’t get reviews/attention?

DareToDream : I’ve also come across some really good stories that aren’t properly recognized.

DareToDream : I think that could have something to do with how active or engaged the author is with others on the site, you know?

Moni : Exactly! You are so amazing! I’ve told several authors in the past exactly what you just said.

DareToDream : If you want people to recognize or acknowledge you then you have to put yourself out there sometimes .

Moni : Sometimes they may feel like it’s just expected to have reviews without interaction. And to me I believe interaction is key to all of this .

DareToDream : You can’t just pray that people will see you without you making an effort to try to be seen.

Moni : 100%

DareToDream : Interaction is definitely key.

Moni : Do you see yourself writing a few years from now?

DareToDream : As long as I’m able, I plan on writing indefinitely lol

DareToDream : It’s my passion.

Again. To read more please visit: http://mjj-legion.com/viewstory.php?sid=53&chapter=7

Her work is amazing! She’s in the spotlight for a good reason! Please check out her story Lurking In The Dark +more!

MJJ Legion

Hey guys! Just a quick thought! If you haven’t already went to the rules page to check everything out, then I kindly suggest that you head over there.


I haven’t discussed the mistakes of roleplaying in a very long time, but I’d like to refresh all members of this site. There is to be no roleplaying at any point in time on this site. It’s been an ongoing issue not just for this site, but others in the past. I will delete and edit any review left that even slightly hints at the chance of roleplaying.

Repeat offenders will have their accounts locked.

Thanks for taking the time to follow these very important rules. Remember guys, they are all there for a reason.

MJJ Legion

I noticed there hasn’t been an encouraging post for quite some time now! So tonight I decided to make a post about something that has recently found it’s way to my writing process, writer’s block.

I believe that every writer has their own way of dealing with awful writer’s block, but recently I ran across a few helpful pointers to get the ball rolling. I will not post them all, but will put up the ones that I found most useful.

In no way did I come up with these ideas. I will never claim to create tips for you guys as my own, if I myself didn’t create them. Links posted below:
Sit down and force words. Literally force words. Type: THE  SMALL BROWN FOX RAN FAST. THE SMALL BROWN FOX RAN FAST. Do this on repeat and it might end up leading to words relevant to your story.

Maya Angelou once said that: “What I try to do is write. I may write for two weeks ‘the cat sat on the mat, that is that, not a rat.‘ It may be the most boring and awful thing to do. But just try it.

Put your story aside. A week or so away won’t kill it. While you’re away work on something else, like a poem, an essay or article.

Read a book. Either one in the same genre that you write in, or give yourself a much needed break, try a genre totally opposite than the one you write.

Write at the same time every day. Set an alarm for half an hour before you need to get up in the morning and write. Eventually this routine will fuse brain with body immediately and rising, your creativity will sparked.

When it does come, remember when to stop. If you stop when you start to struggle, it will add stress and metal blockage. If you stop at a place that you know is good,you can come back to it the next time you write with an positive feeling about the direction of the piece.